13Days Rwanda Primate & wildlife Safari

13 Day safari


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This 13 Days Ultimate Rwanda Primate & wildlife Safari  will give you a great memory of Rwandan tour and you explore and wrap up Rwandan attractions in just 13 days. You will be able to visit all the 3 Rwandan parks thus Nyungwe, Akagera and Volcanoes National Park, adding in a visit to Lake Kivu to spice up your stay. You will as well be able to interact with the locals as you go by your day activities.  You will well be able to do chimpanzee trekking which is of the primate adventure in Rwanda. This will be a great road adventure moment, discovering the beautiful attractions that Rwanda offers.


Day 1

Arrival of your flight into Kigali International Airport. Meet and greet assistance by Akagera Aviation. (Covid protocols will be observed). You will take another covid test (PCR). Once done, you will be handed over to and warmly welcomed by our representative outside customs and immigration hall. Transfer to your hotel in the city.  Arrive and check in assistance. Tour briefing will take place at the lobby. Dinner will follow (may be in the room as your results will take about 6 – 8 hours) and overnight stay at Quiet Haven Hotel (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast)

Rwanda’s capital and biggest city stretches across undulating lush hills surrounded by towering mountains, the largest of which is Mount Kigali, rising 1850 metres above sea level. Kigali is the country’s financial, commercial and cultural hub, served by an international airport and featuring a wide range of accommodation options, restaurants and points of interest, including the Kigali Genocide Centre, an atmospheric market and numerous craft shops. With its interesting architecture, busy streets, meandering boulevards, and green hillsides, Kigali is said to be one of the most attractive cities in Africa and is definitely worth a visit.

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel and check out.

09h00:  Proceed on a city tour that will include visits to the Kigali Genocide memorial and the Choose Kigali arts gallery.


Highlight; Perhaps the city’s best known landmark, and with good reason, is the very insightful and moving Kigali Genocide Memorial standing amid beautiful rose gardens and fountains. The memorial sets out the history leading up to the genocide in Rwanda and also explains other genocides around the world. It includes poignant displays of victims’ photographs and belongings, bringing the realities of the atrocities to life. While it might seem an unusual tourist attraction and can be upsetting, it does help to put into context how and why the genocide happened and to better appreciate just how far the country has moved on together in the intervening years. It also plays a vital role in educating Rwanda’s new and future generations about the genocide.


Have lunch at Choose Kigali. This afternoon, visit the umusambi village (sanctuary for crested crane birds) or the natural history museum to learn more about the making of Rwanda as a nation. At leisure, return to your city hotel. Dinner and early night as you will leave early morning on the next day for your safari. Quiet Haven Hotel (Lunch (Choose Kigali)

Day 3

(07h00 scenic drive) Ethnographic Museum

06h00: Early breakfast at the hotel. At 07h00, you will check out and settle extras. Proceed NYUNGWE Region.

En route, we will briefly visit the Ethnographic Museum. (This is stop is after a 03 hour  drive from Kigali)

The Ethnographic Museum is one of the six museums that make up the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda.This Museum was built in 1987, and now houses one of Africa's finest ethnographic collections. Its seven galleries display historical, ethnographic, artistic and archaeological artifacts accompanied by visual aides, giving visitors a rich insight into the culture of Rwandans.

12h00: Have lunch at the Ibis restaurant. 13h00: Continue drive to Nyungwe National Park . Arrive at 16h30 and check in. Afternoon at leisure to rest from the long drive. Dinner and overnight stay at Nyungwe Top Hill View Hotel, FB

Nyungwe Forest National Park
Situated in southwestern Rwanda, the Nyungwe Forest National Park is known for its exceptional biodiversity and its wide range of endemic species. The park is composed of lush tracts of rainforest set high up on fertile mountain slopes. It is one of Africa’s most ancient forests and the home of Rwanda’s sole remaining chimpanzee population, as well as 85 additional mammal species, 43 reptile species, nearly 300 bird species and over 1000 plant species. Visitors can enjoy spotting colobus monkeys and chimpanzees hiding in the trees, hiking on a well-maintained network of trails passing through lush equatorial rainforest and catching a glimpse of a beautiful array of colourful birdlife. Don’t miss the thrilling Canopy Walk, it is one of its kind in Africa and offers impressive views of the forest

Day 4

Today at 05h00 you will get your packed breakfast and  drive to the NYUNGWE Forest National, where the largest montane forest East and Central Africa is found. The heart of Nyungwe Forest is like a scene from a fairy tale. Tall old mahoganies, ebonies and giant tree ferns tower above you, whilst orchids and other epiphytes cling to every branch. Brightly colored birds flit around; butterflies are everywhere, including a variety of primates for which Nyungwe National Park is renowned.

Chimpanzee trek briefing and formalities will take place at the park headquarters. You will then proceed with your guide to the evergreen forest for a great experience that starts at 06h00. You may spot a wide variety of bird life.

Their playfulness and human – like characteristics make the long day worthwhile. Luckily you may be welcomed by chimp morning calls deep in the forest upon encountering the chimps, you will be allowed to stay in their presence for one hour as you enjoy their acrobats, feeding life and their day today behaviors. 10h00:  After this amazing experience, proceed to the hotel where you will rest and relax. Lunch will be at 12h45.

13h45: After lunch, drive back to the park for briefing before you do your guided canopy walk that starts at 15h00.


Hanging 60 meters above the forest floor between giant trees and towers, East Africa's only Canopy Walkway provides a stunning view of the park's amazing wildlife and nature. The Walkway is accessible as part of a specialized guided tour along the Igishigishigi trail or if you're not part of a tour, hiking the Imbaraga or Umuyove trails.

Drive back to the hotel once done. Evening at leisure. Dinner and overnight stay at Nyungwe Top Hill View Hotel, Full Board  

Day 5

(01h00 drive), canoe ride 

Breakfast at the hotel and check out. Settle any extras. Proceed to a nearby hospital for your PCR covid 19 test. Once done, depart for nearby RUSIZI in LAKE KIVU. Arrive and check in at Mantis Kivu Marina Hotel. Relax and unwind after a busy previous day. Lunch will follow at 13h00. Enjoy the hotel facilities. Later, transfer to the jetty for a canoe ride in lake kivu for an hour. Once done, head back to shore, rejoin your driver guide and return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay at Mantis Kivu Marina Hotel, FB 

Day 6

(03h00 drive) city tour of Gisenyi/Kayaking

07h00:  After breakfast at the hotel, check out. Have a leisurely scenic drive to Gisenyi and Lake Kivu. Arrive at around 10h00 and have a city tour of Gisenyi. We will stop briefly at the petit barriere. At midday, transfer to the hotel for check in and lunch.

13h30: Transfer to the Kingfisher journey jetty for briefing before you start your kayaking in Lake Kivu at 14h30. 

Lake Kivu
One of Africa’s Great Lakes, Kivu is the sixth-largest and eighteenth-deepest lake in the world, covering a whopping surface area of roughly 2,700 square kilometres and reaching to almost 500 metres at its maximum depth. Three vibrant resort towns located on its shores – Kibuye, Gisenyi and Cyangugu –provide an array of lodging options. The steep hills that surround it are webbed with hiking trails leading through lush forests and past waterfalls. Water sports enthusiasts will have a field day at Lake Kivu, and bird watchers are likely to be equally thrilled by the lake’s diverse avian species.

Kayak on a journey of discovery though the African countryside. Travel peacefully along the spectacular coast of one of Africa’s Great Lakes and witness the verdant landscape, vibrant local communities, birds and wildlife that thrive in the water, on the shores and islands of Lake Kivu. (you will be provided with a snack, water and a beverage. This tour is guided)


After this wonderful experience, transfer to your hotel for the evening. Later, your driver guide will take you to the fishing site.

Observe sunset with the singing fishermen as they fish at the lake.  Return to the hotel at leisure. Dinner and overnight stay at Kivu Paradise Luxury Resort, Full Board

Day 7

Early breakfast at the hotel and check out. Test for covid to enable you trek primates.  09h00: Depart for Musanze & Volcanoes National Park.

Arrive and visit the Dian Fossey /Ellen Degeneres Campus. The Research Center today is a program of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, with more than 100 expert gorilla trackers protecting about half of Rwanda’s mountain gorillas every day. It is also the world’s centerpiece for gorilla conservation and science.  It is a museum show casing the origins of the centre and the story of gorillas. Once done, transfer to the hotel for check in and early lunch. Transfer to Musanze caves where you will start your guided walk at 15h00.


Formed by centuries of geologic activity centered around the Virunga volcanoes next door, the 1.25-mile long Musanze caves are located just outside of the town  they share a name with, and are only a 90-minute drive from Kigali. With an enormous opening (and an equally huge number of bats resident inside), the greenery outside spilling over into the twilight within makes for a fantastic photo op. Though today they’re a tourist attraction, the caves were used as a shelter during wartime for many centuries leading right up into the modern era, and as such, it’s an important site to local people. Thus, out of respect for the area’s residents, access is limited to guided visits. Expert guides lead every tour, and they can explain the history of the caves from their formation to present day. The tours make an excellent add-on activity for the afternoon before or after you’ve seen the gorillas, take about 2.5 hours, and can be done at any time throughout the year.


Volcanoes National Park
Bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo in Rwanda, the Volcanoes National Park is best known as a sanctuary for the region’s rare mountain gorillas. Visitors flock here to experience a face to face encounter with these intriguing creatures. The park is set high on the jungle-covered slopes of the volcanic Virunga Mountains. Highly regulated treks through the reserve allow visitors to spend an hour at a time with these incredible primates in their natural habitat. While the gorilla’s are without a doubt the main drawcard, visitors can also look forward to exploring a network of scenic hiking trails, visiting the tomb of the world-famous Dian Fossey and the Karisoke Research Centre, and enjoying a beautiful day hike to the crater lake on Mount Bisoke.


Return to the lodge, once done for the evening. Dinner and overnight stay.

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Full Board

Day 8

Rise early in the morning and breakfast at the lodge.  06h30: Proceed to the Park’s headquarters for briefing about your trek at 07h00. You will then be transferred by vehicle to the start point of the guided walk that begins at 08h00  in search of the Golden Monkeys.


Trekking to see the golden monkeys is another highlight of Volcanoes National Park. The Golden Monkey (Cercopithecus Mitis Kandti) is a local subspecies of the widespread Sykes Monkey, also known as the “Blue Monkey” and is endemic to the high altitude forests. There are two habituated groups of Golden Monkey, one group comprises around 80 - 100 members and has its home at the foot of Mt Sabyinyo. As with treks to see the Mountain Gorillas, treks to see the Golden Monkeys take place in the mornings and visitors are permitted to stay for 1 hour with the monkeys. The number of visitors is not limited.


After this short memorable experience, you will rejoin your driver guide and transfer back to the lodge for lunch.

This afternoon at 15h00, you will have a visit to the gorilla guardians cultural village.


Gorilla guardians cultural village is changing the traditional perception of what constitutes tourism by turning fate into fame through sharing various aspects of rural cultures and livelihoods into tourist attractions and creating income-generating activities for rural poor people that have reformed from living on bush meat and poaching for generations.


Return to the lodge in the evening. Leisure.  19h30: Dinner, followed by overnight.

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Full Board

Day 9

Early breakfast at the lodge then proceed to the park headquarters in time for your Gorilla Trek briefing at 07h00.  Your guided walk begins at 08h00. 


The largest gorilla group or family ever studied is in Rwanda and was led by Cantsbee (died in 2017).   This was the oldest known mountain gorilla in the whole world. A gorilla family is led by a silverback. These troops also include several younger males, adult and juvenile females, and infants. In addition to providing protection to group members, silverbacks maintain order and decide all activities within their troop. They schedule feeding trips, resting time, and travel. They also father the majority of the young in the group.


After this exciting experience, return to Mountain Gorilla Lodge for lunch and boot cleaning. The afternoon will be at leisure to relax. Dinner and overnight stay.

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Full Board

Day 10

Early breakfast at the lodge and check out. Set off for Kigali, where you will stop for lunch at the Khana kazana restaurant.

Take another quick PCR test to enable you to travel back (This will be reviewed as we monitor traveller requirements).

Continue your drive to Akagera National Park. Arrive in the evening and check in at the lodge. Dinner and overnight stay at Mantis Akagera Lodge (FB I.e. Lunch (Khana kazana restaurant)

Day 11

Today after your breakfast, you will go for a boat excursion on Lake Ihema (10h00 to 11h00).

Lining the lakes are some of the continent’s densest concentrations of water birds, while the connecting marshes are the haunt of the endangered and exquisite papyrus gonolek, and the bizarre shoebill stork - the latter perhaps the most eagerly sought of all African birds.


After this, continue with game drive until 13h30. Have lunch at your lodge. 

Depart for another game drive in the park. 

Return to the lodge before sunset for dinner and overnight stay. (it is possible to have a picnic lunch instead of having hot lunch at the lodge)

Mantis Akagera Game Lodge – Full Board

Day 12

Full day game drive in the park with packed lunch. This will include going to the Northern part. Meals and overnight stay at the lodge,

Akagera National Park
Bordering Tanzania in eastern Rwanda, Akagera National Park is central Africa's largest protected wetland and the last refuge for savannah-adapted species in the country. Stretching across a vast expanse of low-lying mountains and savannah plains, the park takes in the rolling highlands woodlands, swamp-fringed lakes, and wetlands of the Kagera River along the way. Crocodiles and hippos wallow in the park's watery basins, predators prowl through its acacia groves, and elephant, zebra, giraffe, buffalo and other animals roam across its grassy plains. Bursting with a rich biodiversity, the park features a variety of rare species, as well as a plentitude of mammals and hundreds of bird species.

The game drive in Akagera National Park provides you with the opportunity to view gentle hills blending beautifully with lowland swamps and water bodies. You will visit the Giraffe area in the south and the lakes road up towards Birengero. Akagera National park is a home for animals like elephant buffalo, Giraffe, zebra and more than a dozen types of antelope inhabit the park, most commonly the handsome chestnut-coated impala, but also the diminutive oribi and secretive bushbuck, as well as the ungainly tsessebe and the world's largest antelope, the statuesque Cape eland.


Return to the lodge at leisure or before sunset. Evening at leisure. Dinner and overnight stay.

Mantis Akagera Game Lodge – Full board

Day 13

Breakfast at the lodge and morning at leisure or have a short final game drive in the park. return to the lodge for lunch and check out. set off for Kigali and Kigali international airport. Arrive, bid farewell to your driver guide and proceed to check in for your outbound flight. 

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(Per Person sharing)


  • Meet and greet on arrival
  • Airport and inter-hotel transfers from day 1 to the last day
  • Covid tests on arrival on day 4 and on day 7
  • Accommodation in Kigali on half board basis (standard room)
  • Accomodation on full board basis on safari from lunch on day 2 to lunch on the last day
  • Use of a private 4x4 safari vehicle (prado) with WI-FI in receptive areas
  • Services of a professional, experienced English speaking Safaris driver guide
  • Bottled mineral water in the vehicle during the tour
  • 1 chimp trek permit per person, 1 Canopy walk permit per person, Musanze cave permit,1 Gorilla permit per person, 1 Golden monkey permit
  • All activities, visits and extra meals mentioned in the
  • Park fees at Akagera and boat fees
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Services
  • International and domestic airline tickets unless where indicated,
  • Entry visa fees,
  • Optional extras whilst in Rwanda
  • Drinks throughout the trip,
  • Tips and gratuities,
  • Personal expenses such as telephone calls, mini bar, porter-age, travel insurance, etc.


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